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an award winning staff writer at Slate whose work focuses on identity and religion. He wrote and produced "Who's Afraid of Aymann Ismail?," a video series that moves beyond stereotypes of both American Muslims and their self-professed adversaries, finding hope and fault in both. He also hosted and produced "Man Up," a weekly interview podcast about men, relationships, family, race, and sex. He's appeared on CNN and NPR, and has been featured in The New York PostAdweekGawker, and The Huffington Post


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“We can’t afford to become an invisible minority right now. Muslims really need to be present,”

Aymann on CNN

“I see our relationship as a kind of protest—both against that idea of what I expected a Muslim marriage to be, and against the anti-Muslim stereotypes in American culture.

Aymann in GQ

“I like to think we are all against the same things in America, [we] just really suck at communicating,”

Aymann in HuffPost

“The idea was never to solve the problem about Muslims in America,” Ismail said. “It was all about trying to complicate the narrative.”

Aymann in CJR

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